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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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I'm S.J. Frost, an author of gay erotic romance, often called m/m (male/male) erotic romance.  I'm a strong believer in love and equality, that they're the natural and inherent rights of all individuals, and I strive to present this belief in my stories.  While my stories do contain adult content, love is the heart of all my novels.  On this website, you'll find excerpts, free reads, and reviews of my work.  I consider my website to be my central command for my book information, but I post all my latest news on my blog:

Thank you to everyone who visits here!  I truly appreciate your support!
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Gay Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Published by Ellora's Cave on May 16, 2014   63,000 words
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Known as Cody Starr to his fans, Christian is one of the most popular and desirable young actors in gay adult films. His sweet looks, sensual skills and charisma on camera have earned him fame. Now he wants out of the adult industry, but his fear of what could--or couldn't--be waiting for him keeps holding him back


Finn is an Army veteran who knows what it takes to protect people. When he meets Christian, something tells him the pretty young man needs protecting in more ways than physically.


Tension between Christian and Finn can only hold back their attraction to each other for so long before passion takes hold of them. For all the heat and emotion between Christian and Finn, the challenges of Christian's fame may tear them apart.