List of Bands and Members

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Jesse Alexander – Lead Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist

Kenny Cooper – Guitarist

Julian Forrester – Keyboardist

Brad Delfini – Drummer


Black Heart Down

Kyler Christenson – Lead Singer, Songwriter

Robbie Russo – Guitarist, Songwriter

Adam Hunter – Drummer

Kevin Moore – Bass Player


Lions Rampant

Tanner Hartell – Lead Singer, occasional Songwriter

Quinn Patrick – Drummer, Songwriter

Corbin MacKenzie – Guitarist, Songwriter

Finley Donaghue – Bass Player

Las Lamont – Violinist


From Ashes

Ash Ivers – Lead Singer, Songwriter

Jeremy Shimoda – Guitarist, Songwriter

Devin Hayes – Drummer

Chad Anders – Bass Player


Solo Artists

Evan Arden – Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist

Jackson Abrams – Country Singer, Songwriter