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No Fear, Book 2 in the Conquest Series

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After touring for more than a year with his band, Conquest, singer Jesse Alexander is ready to head home for a long rest with his partner, superstar vocalist, Evan Arden.  When it’s time to hit the studio again, there’s competition from two new bands and tensions reach a breaking point that threaten not only Conquest’s future, but Jesse’s relationship with Evan.


As he faces challenges unlike any he’s ever known, Jesse must somehow keep it together to duplicate Conquest’s success and reach his ultimate goal: showing NO FEAR and announcing his love of Evan publicly.



Jesse stepped over the threshold.  He stopped in the entrance room, feeling a weight lift from his heart he hadn’t realized was there. He took a tentative step forward, then another.  Beneath him, the dark hardwood floor was polished so it reflected his shoes.  The walls paneled in large wooden rectangles of rich brown traveled up to the vaulted ceiling.  Across from him, the broad flight of wooden stairs were the same brown as the panels and the woodwork that edged the Gothic peaked open doorways, one to the right of the stairs leading into the kitchen, further to the right another went to the family room, and the dining room to the left.


Jesse walked to the stairs and rested his hand on the banister, the wood smooth and cool beneath his hand.  He heard the door shut and turned to see their bags piled inside, Evan standing at the security system keypad watching the limo on the monitor so he could close the gates behind it.  Achilles, claws clicking on the wood, walked past him with his nose to the floor in an exploration of the house.  Jesse looked back to the stairs, his gaze drifting up where he knew the master bedroom was.


Evan moved behind him and embraced him around the waist.  He touched his lips to the back of Jesse’s neck in a whisper soft kiss.  “Welcome home, gorgeous.”


At Evan’s words, joy erupted through Jesse.  He faced him and covered Evan’s mouth with smiling lips.  He brought the long kiss to a slow end, but kept his lips on Evan’s.  “I didn’t think I would feel like this, but now it’s like things are more true, more solid.  Does that make sense?”


“It does.  Being together on the road isn’t the same as being together in our own home.  I’ve been counting the days until I could bring you back here.”


“Then let’s go upstairs.  Welcome me home by making love to me.”


Evan dipped his head down and kissed the soft skin of Jesse’s neck.  He took Jesse’s hand, and Jesse held Evan’s in both of his, following him to the master bedroom, where they both halted.


A comforter of royal blue covered the four-poster king-sized bed.  It was folded down, revealing new white satin sheets.  A bottle of chocolate syrup and a note was nestled against the pillows cased in white satin.  They moved to the bedside, and Jesse picked the note up, reading aloud,


“Welcome home, boys.  Enjoy yourselves, but try not to trash the sheets too much, they weren’t cheap.  Love, Brandon.  P.S.  Sorry, Evan, I just couldn’t take the poster down like you asked me to.  It’s too funny and he had to see it.”


Jesse chuckled as he finished.  “I can’t believe he did this.”  He held up the syrup.  “And you’ve been telling stories about our sex life again, haven’t you?”


Evan tried to summon an innocent smile.  “Well, it was when we were all in Tokyo and Brandon had caught up with us for a few days.  You and Kenny were in the arcade across the street from the bar where Brandon, Julian, and I were hitting the sake and the tales started flying.”


“I remember that night.  When you came to get me, you were so damn horny I could sense it without having to look at you.  We almost killed each other from screwing so hard for so long.”  Jesse looked down at the note in confusion.  “What’s this poster he’s talking about?”  He raised his head, his gaze moved beyond Evan to the low dresser across from the foot of the bed.  His mouth dropped open with a shocked cough.  “You built a shrine to me.”
“One poster doesn’t make a shrine,” Evan mumbled.


“It does when it’s framed and directly across from the bed.”


Evan glanced away from Jesse.  “I asked Brandon to take it down.  I forgot before I left for the road.”


Jesse gazed at the poster of himself, one of many regular pieces of Conquest merchandise.  This one featured him solo and was their best seller.  In it, he stood with his legs wide apart wearing black leather pants and a white silk button down shirt hanging open to show his smooth, toned chest and abdomen.  He had his usual three small silver hoop earrings in his left earlobe with a fourth up in the cartilage, and two more dangled from his right earlobe.  His ever-present sixteen-rayed golden sun pendant rested in the hollow of his throat.  A black leather guitar strap was across his chest, and slung behind his back was his sunburst Fender Stratocaster.  The head of the guitar pointed toward the ground, and he was reaching back with his right hand grasping the neck.  His left hand was strategically placed near his groin, his thumb hooked over the top of his pants, pulling the unbuttoned top provocatively low.  His layered black hair had a tousled look, his indigo eyes penetrated through the photograph, a confident smirk rested on his lips.


Jesse turned his real life smirk on Evan.  “Well, at least I know you’re not a solo artist with just your music.”


“Could you not?” Evan pleaded.  “This is embarrassing enough.”


“What’s so embarrassing about it?  I look wicked hot in this one.  And you found all those magazines I had with you in them in my suitcase, Mr. Sexiest Man Alive according to People Magazine.”


A grin dimmed some of Evan’s embarrassment.  “Yeah, but the pages were all stuck together, so I couldn’t look at the pictures.”


“Cute.”  Jesse chuckled, giving him a light shove.

Evan wavered from the push, but rebounded to embrace him and looked at the poster.  “I used this to be my motivation, to remind me every night before I fell asleep and every morning when I woke up of what I had lost and what I was determined to get back.”  He strengthened his hold on Jesse.  “I love you so much, Jess.  I’ll never push you away again.”


Jesse buried the fingers of one hand in Evan’s hair.  “I’ll never let you push me away again.  I love you, and I’m sorry, but I’m going to cling to you for the rest of my life.  You’ll never be able to shake me.”


“I’ll never try to.”


Jesse met Evan’s lips in a soft, chaste kiss.  At the same moment, each opened his mouth and passed his breath into the other before their tongues slid together.  Jesse twisted his fingers in Evan’s hair and pressed against him more.  He savored Evan’s tongue, soft and slick, gliding against his own.  He sucked it deep into his mouth and stretched his over it to feel and taste every fraction.  Jesse leaned heavily against Evan, his muscles loosening as his body surrendered to him.  Refusing to take his lips from Evan’s, he shook off his coat and pushed Evan’s from his shoulders.


Evan kicked his coat away and turned Jesse toward the bed.  Jesse could feel Evan’s hunger growing as his breathing shifted to more shallow and quick, the pressure of his guidance increased the slightest bit.  His own body responded.  His heart drummed a rapid rhythm of anticipation.  Yearning spread through him to feel Evan’s weight pinning him to the mattress, to be filled with Evan’s cock that he knew so well.


The yearning fed his desire until it had full control over him.  Jesse broke their kiss to tear Evan’s shirt over his head.  Before Evan could reach for his, he removed it himself.  He grabbed the top of Evan’s jeans and yanked the button so hard Evan’s hips swayed forward.


Jesse brought both Evan’s jeans and boxer-briefs down.  The instant Evan’s cock sprung free, Jesse focused his eyes on it in an admiring gaze.  He touched his fingertips reverently to the glistening tip and caressed down the thick vein on the underside.  Same as him, Evan kept himself immaculately groomed with only a small patch of dark silken curls above the base.


The wetness on the tip caused Jesse’s mouth to water for want of a taste and he went to his knees before him.  Wrapping his fingers around the base, he took Evan deep into his throat.  Evan groaned and rubbed one hand through Jesse’s hair.  Jesse let Evan’s taste dance over his tongue before releasing him.  He nosed between Evan’s legs to the smoothly shaven sac and breathed in deeply, his masculine scent tinted with the flowers and spice of Chanel’s Platinum Egoist cologne.  He licked and gently sucked at the delicate skin, then before they reached an unstoppable point, slowly rose to his feet.


Evan gave Jesse a hard shove, knocking him to his back on the bed.  He went down with him, bracing himself over Jesse on both arms as he brought their lips together again.


Jesse kicked his shoes off, each one fell with a soft thump to the floor.  He undid his jeans and wiggled them and his boxers down.  Once they passed over his hips, Evan pressed their bare cocks together.  As Evan’s silken flesh slid against his own, Jesse moaned loud.  He rubbed his hands down Evan’s back to his ass and clenched onto the cheeks.  A hard groan sounded in Evan’s throat, and he thrust at Jesse.  Jesse clamped Evan’s hips in place with his thighs and rocked up against him.

Copyright 2010 by S.J. Frost and MLR Press