Egill Dalgaard

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Appears in: Natural Instincts, Loving Instincts, Adapting Instincts, Refined Instincts


Full name: Egill Dalgaard (no middle name)


Partner: Carl Anderson


Siblings: All deceased.


Born in: A small village in Norway, no longer exists. Resides in: His main home is a castle in the Norwegian countryside near the village of Flåm. Also has a lodge in the Swiss Alps.


Birthday: February 27, 953 A.D., but will always appear the age he was Turned at, 36. Was Turned in 989 A.D.


Anniversary: Eternal partner to Carl Anderson


Age: Will always appear the age he was when Turned, 36.


Ethnicity: Norwegian. Caucasian.


Height: 6’7”


Build: Thick. Very big, burly, muscular.


Hair color: Bright fiery red.


Hairstyle: Short. Often spikes in unruly tufts because he doesn’t style it much. Just prefers to wash it and run his fingers through it.


Eye color: Deep green.


Jewelry/Tattoos/Piercings: None.


Profession: No “official” profession. Amassed a great amount of wealth during his long life. Member of the Tribunal. Was a Viking warrior during his human and early vampire days.


Voice: Bass


Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with Carl. Practicing with his weapons. Reading. Walking the forests.


Favorite sports teams: Gets bored with modern sports.


Pets: Gunnarr, a Norwegian Elkhound, who is almost as old as him. Rúna, a calico Norwegian Forest Cat. Both are servants to him.


Favorite foods: Enjoys modern food. Not much of one for vegetables, prefers meat and fish.


Favorite drinks: Carl’s blood. Wine and beer.