Carl Anderson

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Appears in: Natural Instincts, Enduring Instincts, Loving Instincts, Adapting Instincts, Refined Instincts


Full name: Dr. Carl Steven Anderson PhD (has a PhD in Primatology)


Spouse/Partner: Egill Dalgaard


Siblings: Only child.


Born in: South Bend, Indiana. Resides in: Chicago, Illinois.


Birthday: February 7th


Anniversary: Eternal partner to Egill Dalgaard.


Age: 32 in Natural Instincts, 32 in Enduring Instincts, 33 in Loving Instincts, 33 in Adapting Instincts (Turned in this story).


Ethnicity: American. Caucasian.


Height: 5’10”


Build: Medium, lean muscle.


Hair color: Sandy brown.


Hairstyle: Short, but begins to grow it out in Adapting Instincts.


Eye color: Bright blue.


Jewelry/Tattoos/Piercings: None.


Profession: Primatologist. Head primatologist at a zoo in Chicago.


Voice: Baritone.


Hobbies/Interests: Making love with Egill. Nature. Animals. Spending time outdoors. Watching porn.


Favorite sports teams: Professional Football – started liking the Chicago Bears when he moved to Chicago, but still likes the Indianapolis Colts because they’re who he cheered for growing up. College Football – Notre Dame


Pets: Davy, the Black-headed Spider Monkey. Loves all the animals he cares for.


Favorite foods: Will eat just about anything.


Favorite drinks: Beer. Doesn’t care for wine.