Ryunosuke Kimura

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Appears in: Natural Instincts, Enduring Instincts, Loving Instincts, Adapting Instincts


Full name: Ryunosuke Kimura. Friends call him Ryu. Goes by Akira Shindo to human society. Per Japanese tradition, he was never given a middle name.


Spouse/Partner: Daniel Valente.


Siblings: Only child.


Born in: Japan, in a small village outside Kyoto. No longer exists. Resides in: Has two homes, a penthouse in Tokyo, Japan and a mansion in the mountains near Kyoto, Japan. Also lives in England with Daniel.


Birthday: May 5th. Born in 1573. Was Turned (became a vampire) in 1601.


Anniversary: Eternal partner is Daniel Valente


Age: Will always appear the age he was Turned at, 28.


Ethnicity: Japanese.


Height: 5′ 9″


Build: Slender with lean muscle.


Hair color: Black.


Hair style: Falls just below his shoulders. Often wears it bound in a loose ponytail with a black silk ribbon.


Eye color: Very dark brown, nearly black.


Jewelry/Tattoos: Wears Daniel’s signet ring on his left index finger. Features a peacock with pearl and shell accents.


Profession: In his human life, he was, and still considers himself to be, a samurai. He has amassed a large fortune over the centuries.


Voice: Baritone.


Hobbies/Interests: Daniel, he’s fascinated by and adores him. Martial arts. Swordplay. History. Reading – mostly fiction and some historical texts. Riding his motorcycle. Music – likes rock, classical, and traditional Japanese music.


Favorite sports teams: Enjoys watching sports, but no particular favorite team.


Pets: Kuma, an Akita Inu he made a servant to him. Kuma is about 150 years-old and has a red coat with white markings.


Favorite foods: Traditional Japanese food is his preference, but he’s not picky outside that. Likes red meat.


Favorite drinks: Daniel’s blood. Sake. Green tea. All alcohol is good by him.