Titus Antonious Calidus

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Appears in: Natural Instincts, Enduring Instincts, Loving Instincts, Adapting Instincts, Refined Instincts


Full name: Titus Antonius Calidus. Only those closest to him are allowed to call him by his cognomen, Calidus. Those who are close to him, call him by a shortened version, “Cal.” Andreas, though, calls him “Ty” for short. Titus also goes by Anton Agosti to human society.


Partner: Andreas Nikandros.


Siblings: All deceased. Had been an eldest son.


Born in: Rome, Italy. Resides in: Chicago, Illinois and Tanzania, mostly, but he has other homes in England and Italy.


Birthday: March 30th. Born in 63 B.C. Turned (became a vampire) in 28 B.C.


Anniversary: Not married. His eternal partner is Andreas Nikandros.


Age: Will always appear the age he was Turned at, 35.


Ethnicity: Italian.


Height: 6’1″


Build: Medium frame, very muscular and athletic.


Hair color: Platinum blond/white gold.


Hair style: Medium length, has a slight waviness.


Eye color: Silver


Jewelry/Tattoos: Used to wear a signet ring made of silver featuring a roaring male lion’s head with rubies for eyes. Gave the ring to Andreas. Now, on his left index finger, he wears Andreas’s signet ring featuring the profile of a male lion with an emerald for the eye.


Profession: Has amassed a large fortune over the years and doesn’t have an “official” profession, but does own several commercial properties around that world that he gains a great deal of money from. Member of the Tribunal. When he was human, he was a soldier in the Roman army, a Centurion, rank of Primus Pilus.


Voice: Deep baritone.


Hobbies/Interests: Andreas is his main interest…along with having sex with him and feeding from him. Painting. Art. Reading-prefers fiction. Slasher movies. Music-likes classical. History.


Favorite sports teams: Doesn’t watch sports often, only when the mood strikes him.


Pets: Bull, an English Mastiff that he made a servant to him. Bull is over 300 years old and fawn colored with a black mask. The dog has Titus’s sigal branded on the inside of his right hind leg, which a round emblem with the roaring male lion and long the outer edges is lettering similar to Latin and Roman numerals.


Favorite foods: He still enjoys eating “typical” food. Likes fine cuisine and traditional Italian food.


Favorite drinks: Andreas’s blood. But also enjoys fine wine.