Dillon Davis

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Appears in: Finding a Dream, Acting on Love


Full name: Dillon Justin Davis.


Partner: Dating Reese Delacroix.


Siblings: Only child.


Born in: Chicago, Illinois. Resides in: Chicago, Illinois.


Birthday: November 10th


Anniversary: Not married.


Age: 16 in Finding a Dream, 17 in Acting on Love


Ethnicity: Caucasian. American.


Height: 5′ 7″


Build: Slender. Fit, slender.


Hair color: Brown.


Hair style: Medium length, some layers. Doesn’t do much with styling.


Eye color: Brown.


Jewelry/Tattoos: None.


Profession: Still in high school and is a junior in Finding a Dream. Hopes to work in theatre someday.


Voice: Tenor.


Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with his boyfriend, Reese, and his best friend, Angie. Loves theatre and works as a stage hand for his high school plays. Learning karate at the Miyamoto Dojo with Shunichi Miyamoto as his sensei. Hanging out with Brandon Alexander, who he views as a friend and big brother.


Favorite sports teams: Pro-Football – Chicago Bears. Baseball – Chicago White Sox.


Pets: None.


Favorite foods: Pizza and junk food.


Favorite drinks: Soft drinks.