Kenny Cooper

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Appears in: Conquest, No Fear, Keys to Love, Black Heart Down, Heartstrings, Feeling the Rhythm


Full name: Kenny Christopher Cooper.


Spouse/Partner: Krista Hansen.


Family: Only child.


Born in: Chicago, Illinois. Resides in: Chicago, Illinois.


Birthday: August 12th.


Anniversary: Not married.


Age: 20-21 in Conquest, 22-23 in No Fear, 23 in Keys to Love, 23 in Black Heart Down (this book’s timeline overlaps slightly with Keys to Love), 23 in Heartstrings, 23 in Feeling the Rhythm.


Ethnicity: Caucasian. American.


Height: 5′ 10″


Build: Slender with lean muscle.


Hair color: Dark blond.


Hair style: Changes through the series. Starts long, but gets it cut to be short around the sides and back, spiky on top.


Eye color: Honey brown.


Jewlery/Tattoos: Right nipple is pierced.


Profession: Rock star. Lead guitarist for the band Conquest.


Voice: Baritone.


Hobbies: Playing video games. Bickering with Jesse. Going out with Krista. Admiring woman.


Favorite sports teams: Pro-Football – Chicago Bears. College Football – Purdue Boilermakers. Baseball – Chicago White Sox.


Pets: None.


Favorite foods: Uno’s pizza and pretty much anything else.


Favorite drinks: Enjoys most beers.