Robbie Russo

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Appears in: No Fear, Keys to Love, Black Heart Down, Beautiful Harmony, Feeling the Rhythm


Full name: Robert Andrew Russo. Goes by Robbie. Only Kyler calls him Rob.


Spouse/Partner: Married to Kyler Christenson.


Siblings: Older brother, older sister, younger sister.


Born in: Ann Arbor, Michigan. Resides in: Chicago, Illinois.


Birthday: January 23rd.


Anniversary: January 3rd.


Age: 28 in No Fear, 28 in Keys to Love, 28 in Black Heart Down (this book’s timeline overlaps slightly with Keys to Love), almost 29 in Beautiful Harmony, 30 in Feeling the Rhythm.


Ethnicity: Caucasian. American.


Height: 5′ 9″


Build: Slender with lean muscle.


Hair color: Black.


Hair style: Short around the back and sides, slightly longer on top. Sometimes spiked.


Eye color: Blue


Jewelry/Tattoos: Has his left ear pierced, often wears an emerald stud since that’s Kyler’s birthstone. Has a tattoo on the inside of his right hip of a guitar that looks like his cherished custom Gibson Les Paul guitar with flames around it.


Profession: Rock star. Lead guitar and songwriter for the band, Black Heart Down.


Voice: Baritone.


Hobbies/Interests: Kyler and spending time with him.


Favorite sports teams: Pro-Football – Detroit Lions. College Football – Michigan Wolverines.


Pets: None.


Favorite foods: Doesn’t care much fancy foods. Prefers basic American style food, burgers, steaks, fries.


Favorite drinks: Doesn’t have much of a taste for beer, so he prefers fruit flavored drinks, like strawberry margaritas. This gets him playfully teased by Kyler.