Morgan Chandler

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Appears in: Keys to Love, Black Heart Down, Heartstrings, Feeling the Rhythm


Full name: Morgan Jacob Chandler.


Spouse/Partner: Julian Forrester.


Family: Only child.


Born in: Chicago, Illinois. Resides in: Chicago, Illinois.


Birthday: September 2nd.


Anniversary: Not married…yet.


Age: 31 in Keys to Love, 31 in Black Heart Down (this book’s timeline overlaps slightly with Keys to Love), 32 in Heartstrings, 32 in Feeling the Rhythm.


Ethnicity: Caucasian. American.


Height: 6′ 3″


Build: Medium build, well muscled.


Hair color: Dark brown, natural auburn highlights.


Hair style: Medium length, slightly wavy.


Eye color: Brown.


Jewlery/Tattoos: None.


Profession: Former high school music teacher turned roadie for the band, Conquest. Plans to return to school to continue his education with the hopes of teaching at the university level. Also owns a music store, Chandler’s.


Voice: Baritone.


Hobbies: Getting kinky with Julian. Listening to music. Going to symphonies and plays with Julian. Jogging and working out. Reading. Watching sports – used to play football in high school and college, basketball in high school.


Favorite sports teams: Pro-Football – Chicago Bears. Baseball: Chicago Cubs.


Pets: Chopin, a Golden Retriever.


Favorite foods: Enjoys American style food, steak, potatoes, roast chicken, etc…


Favorite drinks: Prefers beer rather than wine.