Evan Arden

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Evan Arden


Appears in: Conquest, No Fear, Keys to Love, Finding a Dream, Black Heart Down, Heartstrings, Feeling the Rhythm


Full name: Evan Ethan Arden.


Spouse/Partner: Married to Jesse Alexander.


Siblings: Only child.


Born in: New York, New York. Resides in: Evanston, Illinois.


Birthday: June 14th


Anniversary: May 7th. Marries Jesse on the two-year anniversary from the day they met.


Age: 26-27 in Conquest, 28-29 in No Fear, 29 in Keys to Love, 29 in Finding a Dream, 29 in Black Heart Down (this book’s timeline overlaps slightly with Keys to Love), 29 in Heartstrings, 29 in Feeling the Rhythm.


Ethnicity: Caucasian. American.


Height: 5′ 8″


Build: Medium and fit, nicely muscled, not bulky.


Hair color: Dark brown/chestnut.


Hair style: Falls just to the bottom of his neck in back, layered, often has gold and copper highlights.


Eye color: Very bright blue/Azure


Jewelry/Tattoos: He often wears two small gold hoop earrings in his left earlobe. Has a penchant for wearing a lot of rings, but has three he always wears. One was his father’s, white gold with an emblem of an eagle in flight on a square-cut onyx and holding a marquise-cut ruby in its talons. One that was a birthday gift from Jesse of a white gold band holding a round-cut alexandrite stone embraced by four small diamonds and is inscribed on the inner band with, Forever Yours, Jesse. Finally, he also always wears his wedding band made of titanium with a strip of yellow gold circling the center.


Profession: Rock star and manager of the band Conquest. A solo artist, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.


Voice: Baritone


Hobbies/Interests: Sex with Jesse. Cars – he really likes high end sports cars and has a tendency to drive fast. Always drives a black car. Sex with Jesse. Working out. Sex with Jesse. Traveling and learning about other cultures. He wasn’t the best student in school, because it bored him. He always preferred being a loner, until he met Jesse. Sex with Jesse. Shopping – Favorite label is Dolce & Gabbana. For cologne, he always wears Chanel’s Platinum Egoiste. Oh, and he also enjoys sex with Jesse.


Favorite sports teams: Pro-Football – New York Giants. Baseball – New York Yankees.


Pets: Achilles – a Collie/German Shepherd mix, Iris – a black and tan German Shepherd.


Favorite foods: Dark chocolate (Godiva is preferred), steak


Favorite drinks: Guinness and most fine wines, especially cabernet sauvignon.