Jesse Alexander

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Appears in: Conquest, No Fear, Keys to Love, Finding a Dream, Black Heart Down, Heartstrings, Feeling the Rhythm


Full name: Jesse Michael Alexander.


Spouse/Partner: Married to Evan Arden.


Siblings: Older brother, Brandon Alexander.


Born in: Chicago, Illinois. Resides in: Evanston, Illinois.


Birthday: October 7th


Anniversary: May 7th. Marries Evan on the two-year anniversary of the day they met.


Age: 20-21 in Conquest, 22 in No Fear, 22-23 in Keys to Love, 23 in Finding a Dream, 22-23 in Black Heart Down (this book’s timeline overlaps slightly with Keys to Love), 23 in Heartstrings, 23 in Feeling the Rhythm.


Ethnicity: Caucasian. American.


Height: 5′ 7″


Build: Slender with lean muscle.


Hair color: Black.


Hair style: Falls just above the middle of his neck in back, layered with sharp angles around his face.


Eye color: Very dark blue/Indigo


Jewelry/Tattoos/Piercings: Often wears four small silver hoop earrings in his left ear (three in the lobe, one up in the cartilage), two small silver hoops in his right earlobe. Always wears a choker of two thin black leather cords holding a gold pendent of the sixteen-rayed Vergina Sun. Also a white gold ring outlined in yellow gold with diamond chips along the band’s edge, band is also embellished with the Greek meander pattern, and has large square cut diamond in the center. This ring was a gift from Evan and is inscribed on the inside of the band with, All My Love Forever, Evan. He also always wears his wedding band made of titanium with a strip of yellow gold circling the center.


Profession: Rock star. Lead singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist of the band, Conquest.


Voice: Tenor.


Hobbies/Interests: Sex with Evan. Reading (especially classical texts and historical fiction). Sex with Evan. Running. Sex with Evan. Songwriting and singing. Sex with Evan. He enjoys learning and continues to self-educate himself on subjects he likes, especially history (main interest is in ancient Greek history and classical cultures). He had a full academic scholarship to Purdue University, as he was the valedictorian of his high school, but he passed on it to pursue music. Oh, and his other hobby/interest…sex with Evan.


Favorite sports teams: Pro-Football – Chicago Bears. College Football – Purdue Boilermakers. Baseball – Chicago White Sox.


Pets: Achilles – a Collie/German Shepherd mix, Iris – a black and tan German Shepherd.


Favorite foods: Uno’s pizza. Gets teased by his band members because he’s always eating or hungry, but never gains weight. To which he responds, it’s because of his workout plan: frequent sex with Evan.


Favorite drinks: Pepsi. Also drinks Guinness and fine wine, pinot noir.