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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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I'm S.J. Frost, an author of gay erotic romance, often called m/m (male/male) erotic romance.  I'm a strong believer in love and equality, that they're the natural and inherent rights of all individuals, and I strive to present this belief in my stories.  While my stories do contain adult content, love is the heart of all my novels.  On this website, you'll find excerpts, free reads, and reviews of my work.  I consider my website to be my central command for my book information, but I post all my latest news on my blog:

Thank you to everyone who visits here!  I truly appreciate your support!
 Newest Release 
Storming Love: Gage and Collin
Gay Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Published by MLR Press on September 5, 2014   20,000 words


As a professional rider on the NRHA circuit, Gage Chapman has known success. He's also known discrimination. Many people didn't want an openly gay rider competing in the sport, much less winning again and again on his champion Paint stallion, The Shaman. Wanting to get away from it all, Gage had left Utah to set up a breeding farm in North Carolina and there, he found what he'd always hoped for, a man he could love.

Collin Maddox is the town deputy with his sights set on becoming sheriff someday. He knows local attitudes wouldn't be real pro on voting a gay sheriff into office, so he's kept his sexuality a secret for years. For all the care he has for Gage, his secret tore them apart, leaving them both with regrets and broken hearts.

Now Hurricane Lauris is coming in fast and strong. Gage has refuse to evacuate and leave his horses behind. Knowing Gage is alone, Collin goes to Gage's farm to help him, only to find himself trapped there. Hurt, anger, and passion erupts between them. As the storm rages around them, both men wonder if this is a new beginning, or the final ending.

***This story is part of the six story, "Storming Love" compilation. The other books are written by Stephani Hecht, Parker Williams, Kendall McKenna, Kaje Harper, and Diana DeRicci.***