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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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I'm S.J. Frost, an author of gay erotic romance, often called m/m (male/male) erotic romance.  I'm a strong believer in love and equality, that they're the natural and inherent rights of all individuals, and I strive to present this belief in my stories.  While my stories do contain adult content, love is the heart of all my novels.  On this website, you'll find excerpts, free reads, and reviews of my work.  I consider my website to be my central command for my book information, but I post all my latest news on my blog:

Thank you to everyone who visits here!  I truly appreciate your support!
Newest Release 
Gay Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Vampires
Published by Ellora's Cave, March 7, 2014   72,000 words
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For three years, Sebastian has lived as a blood slave, giving his blood and body to vampires. He’s a prisoner, owned by the blood house he serves. Sebastian dreams of freedom, of feeling the sun and wind on his face once again.

Valentin has earned the title of vampire prince. But status and age haven’t brought him love. When his blood craving grows too demanding to be ignored, he goes to the blood house and finds himself entranced by the spirited Sebastian.

Their passion is strong, their connection to each other undeniable. Sebastian wants to be Valentin’s, and Valentin wants to keep Sebastian—forever. The danger of giving the blood slave his freedom is high and the price might be both their lives.

 Upcoming Release 
Gay Erotic Romance, Fantasy
To be published by MLR Press, April 25th, 2014   88,000 words
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Once in the kingdom of Ocassus, humans and dragons shared the lands as allies. That time has passed into legend. But there's one who wants to see it return.


As a Dragon Speaker, Torran is gifted with the rare ability to understand dragons. He knows dragons aren't the vicious, mindless creatures many believe them to be and uses his gift to save them. It's a lonely task. He's never found a partner who understands him. He doesn't believe he ever will.


Sir Karrick Brenton is a Knight of the Crown and a man with secrets...one in particular that draws him to Torran. They come from different positions in life, but never has he met anyone he feels more kindred to than Torran.


When Torran is requested to come to the capital city of Dragon's Landing, both he and Karrick realize their passion for each other. As he seeks to help the king, soon dangers to the crown shift to him, Karrick, and their friends.